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Reef Rover Catch, Chanclas para Mujer, Verde (Mint Min), 37.5 EU
Reef Rover Catch, Chanclas para Mujer, Verde (Mint Min), 37.5 EU
Ivan Riquelme 8 ay önce

Yo tengo entendido que la torre mas alta esta en Santiago de chile y todo mundo lo sabe eso, nunca se a nombrado que México tiene la torre mas alta?? No creo que las noticias internacional estén informando mal asta el dia de hoy? Bueno yo se que chile tiene el rascacielos mas grande de latinoamérica , asta el dia de hoy sigue siendo el edificio mas grande de latinoamérica :v por que mienten en los vídeo :l hay dios mio (-_-) Y acabo de ver un vídeo diciendo por las noticias del mundo el edificio mas grande latinoamérica esta en chile :v como la cosa, Oses los estan mintiendo el mundo, no creo que los mientan los noticias extranjeras ajajjaja

Thedarkzip :v 8 ay önce

Por mencionarMexico , edificios en construccion y echosTorre top +280 mTorre koi 279.5 mTorre mitikah 267mTorre r432 264 mTorre jv angelopolis 250 mTorre reforma 246 mTorre chapultepec 1 241 mTorre metropolitan center lll 235 mTorre bbva bancomer 235 mTorre paradox 235mTorres oak 58 235 mTorre mayor 225mTorre impera reforma 215 mTorre pabellon m 214 mTorre pemex 211 mElite residenses bora 205 mBe gran reforma +200mEn proyectoSky tower (posible nombre y proyecto nuevo) 400-600 mSaba tower (anteriormente llamada puert reforma) 335 mTorre insignia 330 mTorres reforma colon 309 mTorre antavia luxury 250 mTorre antavia luxury 200 mHotel fiesta americana colon +200mTorre oficinas colon +200 m


es innegable que el país latinoamericano con mas rascacielos por encima de los 200 mts. es Panama con 23 de ahí Mexico solo 6 y Chile solo 1 hablando de los construidos...

Fernando Castro Abuchaibe 9 ay önce

Falto el skyline de Bogotá -colombia que se llama entre calles, será el más alto de Latinoamérica tendrá 95 pisos y está en construcción... mal informados!

Johan Andrw Paterson Franco 9 ay önce

Para el año 2019 - 2020, probablemente habrá otro boom inmobiliario en Panamá.El otro Boom Inmobiliario serán en el 2025

Edgar Andres Bojaca Pedraza 9 ay önce

Y el entrecalles ?

Edgar Andres Bojaca Pedraza 9 ay önce

El más alto va a estar en Bogotá 🇨🇴 y ese es el entrecalles

Chiri Chiriqui 9 ay önce

En le video salieron 8 edificios hechos en panama y les digo solo una contructora en panama q se llama contructora bahia tiene 5 edificios en contrucsion skylam sera es mas alto mas de ochenta plantas solo les hablo de contructora bahia sabemos q en panama hay muchas compañias contructoras de seguro en contrucsion en panama hay mas de 20 edificios todos pasando las 50 plantas

Felipe Larrain 11 ay önce

+TheDroidCity Hola puedes hacer el raking de los SUPERTALL que existen en América Latina?no proyectos si no de los que son una realidad (un supertall es un edificio de 300 mts hacia arriba) por favor hazlo.

This is the question I am asked well over 1,000 times per day.

I think the best way I can answer this... with knowledge we can make our drinking water safer. Our community drinking water systems are ours... they belong to us. The service and delivery systems can vary as to "ownership" but without the consumers... they are nothing. Even investor owned utilities are regulated as to what is a fair rate of return on their investment in "our" infrastructure. Sad ... ly... I am aware of city (publicly) owned water utilities that take far more money out of the water department than what a regulated utility earns for its investors.

Bottomline, as I travel across this great country of ours... I am holding out hope the people will continue to rise and take back control of our drinking water systems, our infrastructure, our governments and regulatory agencies. Regardless of your politics... I continue to have faith that many of the issues facing us are about right v. wrong.... not left v. right. There has been too much waste, selfishness, greed and hidden agendas... we must stand together.

Together we are making our drinking water safer.

What's happened since we first learned of GenX a year ago? A lot.
Here's a look at some of what's happened in the past year and what it tells you about the state of your drinking water.

Legionella problems will continue to plague our drinking water until community water systems and premise plumbing operations managers at hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, college dorms, high-rise apartment buildings and other large complex water systems begin collaborative efforts.

Sharing information and working together is our only hope... pointing fingers and drawing a line at the meter connection isn't working.

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The Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center learned of the Legionella through quarterly water safety testing, but an official stressed, “this does not mean there is a Legionella outbreak.…

The Florida Department of Health is gathering data from current and former residents who are concerned their cancers may be linked to living near Patrick Air Force Base, the agency confirmed Thursday.

The agency’s interest was first posted on a Facebook community page for Satellite Beach. Residents there have been tracking the issue since the Pentagon’s issued its first-ever public report this March on the levels of water contamination at current and former military installations, including Patrick.

The communities’ concerns come as Congress has funded a separate, first-of-its-kind study on the long-term effects of perfluorooctane sulfonate or perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as PFOS and PFOAs, compounds that are widely used in household goods, but concentrated in the foam used to put out aircraft fires.

Florida health agency collecting data on Patrick Air Force Base cancers
Florida community is asking, why were there so many cancers?
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There are currently no enforceable federal drinking water standards for manganese. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a secondary standard of 0.05 mg/L, a standard established to address issues of aesthetics such as discoloration, rather than health concerns. In the absence of an enforceable federal standard, some states have set their Action Level at between 0.5 mg/L of 0.3 mg/L for lifetime exposure by adults and acute exposure (ten days) by infants less ... than one year of age.

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